Wednesday, August 4, 2010

RPGs of the Week: Castlevania Rancher Edition

Hello. Before jumping into this week's RPG releases, some readers may have noticed that there is now comment moderation in effect on older articles. I know it's kind of a pain for regular commenters, but I will try to get legitimate comments approved in a timely fashion. It's really just to make old articles easier to maintain. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyways, there are some new RPGs this week (August 2 - 7, 2010). You can read what they are below:

North America
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair – Konami – XBLA
Monster Rancher DS – Cing, UFO, Koei Tecmo – Nintendo DS

Akumajou Dracula: Harmony of Despair - Konami - XBLA
Magna Carta II (Platinum Collection) – Softmax, Banpresto, Namco Bandai – Xbox 360
Monster Chronicle – Gameloft – DSiWare
Monster Farm DS 2: Yomigaeru! Master Breeder Densetsu – Cing, Koei Tecmo – Nintendo DS
Persona 3: FES (The Best) – Atlus – PlayStation 2
Persona 4 (The Best) – Atlus – PlayStation 2
Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X – Tales Studio, Namco Bandai – PSP


Monster Rancher DS (actually the second Monster Rancher for the little handheld that could) is hitting North America and Japan this week, as is Konami's XBLA multiplayer 2D Castlevania, Harmony of Despair.

Japan also gets Gameloft's DSiWare Crystal Monsters, redubbed Monster Chronicle, as well as Namdai's Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X. To round it out, Magna Carta II, Persona 3: FES, and Persona 4 are all getting budget editions this week as well.

Ah, Magna Carta II. Brings back good memories. Too bad nothing this week really stands out to me. Maybe I'll give Harmony of Despair's demo a chance.

Anything for you?


zerolocked said...

Monster Rancher was great on the PS2, but I'm not sure about the DS..

Brandon said...

Never got around to trying out Monster Rancher, though I thought about it back in the PSX days.

That and Jade Cocoon. I wonder if either were any good...?