Friday, August 6, 2010

The Last Story Official Site Opens, Tons of Info Revealed

Nintendo and Mistwalker have ripped down the 'please be patient' curtain off the official website for their upcoming action-RPG collaboration, The Last Story.

The updated website features new screens, game and story details, as well as juicier descriptions for the playable characters revealed so far (Elza, Kanan, Quark, Saylen, and Yuris).

There is a ton of content there for any interested.

My previous Last Story translation apparently rubbed some people the wrong way, so I hesitate to jump right into translating all of it right away. (It is a lot of work, and I'm not interested in just being trolled over it.) Since I am looking forward to the game, however, I would be happy to translate it if there is interest. Otherwise, I have been told that Google can provide you with the exact same translation. (I couldn't confirm this, but the friendly troll was quite adamant.) ;)

Either way, The Last Story is definitely looking cool, and provides a strong argument for me finally picking up a Wii this year.

The Last Story will be available for Nintendo Wii sometime this year in Japan.

[The Last Story Official Site]


that guy drinking MGD said...

I for one would be very interested in your translation. I visited the site and it looks like there is A LOT of info...unfortunately I don't read japanese.
If the trolls don't like your translations they should probably just get their rpg news somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

How the hell do you copy-paste translate a scan of Famitsu or Jump or whatever?

You can't do anything nice for some people, eh.

sav said...

^lol wtf u guys.

hey brandon u lookin foward to this game ?

i hope it comes stateside next year.

this and xenoblade...

Brandon said...

thanks for your support guys. :)
i'll get started on the translation on Monday.

and yes, i am very excited for this game. it's not quite the Lost Odyssey II that i'm still hoping for, but it's enough to keep me satisfied for a while. ;)