Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lots of Last Story Details

As per request, here is my translation of the recently updated The Last Story official Japanese website.


After having lost all living relatives when he was young, Elza became a wandering mercenary, continually fighting wherever he goes. However, he grows tired of constant fighting just to survive, and dreams of one day becoming a knight. During his first assignment after arriving at Ruli Island, he encounters a strange phenomenon.

The heroine of this story. (that is literally all it says)

The leader of the band of mercenaries Elza belongs to, not only has Quark’s skill on the battlefield helped earn his companions’ devoted trust, but also his skillful single-handed negotiations with various employers.
Quark met Elza at a young age, and has been with him ever since as an older brother figure.

A female warrior who fights with a double sword style, Seiren is the ‘mood-maker’ of the mercenary band Elza belongs to. Though a hearty heavy-drinker with a foul mouth, she also shows a side of deep caring for her companions.
Seiren is a commander who enjoys battle, and stands firm to take the brunt of it without looking back at the dangers.
NOTE: According to official battle screens, her name is Romanized as ‘Seiren’ rather than the previously interpreted ‘Saylen.’ Too bad, I think ‘Saylen’ is a more feminine Romanization. :(

A mage with a perfect command of fire, Yuris may be the youngest member of the mercenary band, but he is highly competent.
A man of few words, and rather unsociable, Yuris put himself into the mercenary business as simply a way to survive.
Yuris is a young man without a single relative; his father disappeared when he was very young, and his mother passed away shortly thereafter.

NOTE: According to official screens, the other two playable characters are named Manamia (the girl with the short dark hair) and Jackal (the larger blonde man).

World of The Last Story

The Setting: Ruli Island
The Last Story takes place on a peninsula known as Ruli Island. Located in the middle of the continent’s only inlet, Ruli Island prospers due to its abundant resources and strong economy, despite the empire proper being undermined by constant turmoil and devastation.

The Bustling Ruli City
Ruli City, located in the heart of Ruli Island, becomes a base of operations for Elza and his friends. In addition to main streets and plazas, the city is characterized by a huge complicated maze of small backstreets.

The Mercenaries who have come to Ruli Island
The mercenaries, among which is Elza, the story’s protagonist, arrive at the thriving Ruli Island, leaving the desolate empire behind them, in search of new work.

The Mercenaries who dream of Knighthood
The mercenary band Elza belongs to accepts various job requests from employers, such as monster suppression. Since mercenaries mainly receive jobs of a violent nature, people tend to keep their distance from them. On the other hand, the knights who serve the Empire have a high rank in society, lead stable lives, and are respected by the people. Elza and his friends, while working as mercenaries, dream of succeeding to knighthood someday.

The Mysterious Power that Dwells within Elza
During the mercenary group’s excursion to some caverns on their first assignment after arriving at Ruli Island, an incident occurs that leaves Elza with a mysterious power.
What could this power truly be? And what fate awaits Elza and his companions?

Control the State of Battle with ‘Gathering’
As a result of the incident in the caverns, Elza gains the ability to use a special power called ‘Gathering.’ Gathering allows Elza to forcefully change his enemies’ focus, creating advantageous situations for his companions.
Upon using Gathering, Elza’s right hand emits a blue light.

During battles in The Last Story, special ‘lines’ can be seen between allies and enemies. These lines show who the enemies are targeting, and are known as ‘Pointers.’ Being able to tell who is being targeted from where can allow you to progress battles in advantageous ways.

The Last Story will be available for Nintendo Wii sometime this year in Japan.

[The Last Story Official Website]


zerolocked said...

Nice, I'm looking forward to both this and xenoblade

That guy drinking MGD said...

Thank you. Using google as the trolls suggested would have taken me hours and I most definately would have given up.
Fingers are crossed, hoping that this doesn't go all Tales of Graces on us in the U.S.A. Xenoblade would be awesome too!

liiewly said...

pointers? sounds like ffxii to me, and i hated that.

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yeah, I suppose the Pointer does sound a bit FFXII-ish, but the combat seems to be all in real-time.
I think Xenoblade seems way more FFXII-ish with its auto-battle nonsense.