Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marvelous Announces Yuusha 30 SECOND

In what must be one of the most clever sequel names of all time, Marvelous has announced Yuusha 30 SECOND (Hero 30 Second).

Following on the heels of the indie-game-gone-mainstream, Yuusha 30 SECOND removes the action and shooting scenarios of the original, and replaces them with 5 RPG scenarios.

Yuusha 30 Overture
follows the hero Yusha (har har), a member of the Royal Commando Unit, who is charged by the Queen to suppress the 'Eight Elements.'

Yuusha 30 Judgement follows Yusha as he is hunted by humans and demons who have flooded the world after the Gates of Hell were opened. He also must face off against a rival who has crossed time and space to challenge him.

Yuusha 30 Revolution follows the young Queen Yushia (these Japanese puns just don't let up) as she heads out on a fun adventure with her classmate, despite the fact that her curfew is only 30 seconds away.

Yuusha 30 Ragnarok follows a man named Yuuja in his journey across a destroyed world, and the mysterious robot No. 30. Amidst the melodies of the Singing Princess' song, the gods descend to end it all.

Yuusha 30 Destiny sees Hero Castle (Yuushajou) ascend to the heavens. The thousand year battle between gods, humans, and demons will finally be settled.

In addition to these single player scenarios, there is a multiplayer mode called Shin Yuusha Taisen (True Hero Wars) which pits up to 4 players against each other via adhoc wireless, in new stages with different rules.

Yuusha 30 SECOND will also include an edit mode called Romancing Tsukureru (I think this is a pun on the Japanese name for the mildly famous RPG Maker series), which will allow you to create your own 30 second quests and multiplayer levels.

Finally, there is a mode called Yuusha Mugen (Hero Unlimited) which lets you endlessly face off against the Demon King(s). 30 seconds for each fight, of course.

Yuusha 30 SECOND will be available for PSP on November 4, 2010 in Japan.


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