Thursday, August 5, 2010

Concept Art for Next Tales of is Cool has revealed a sizable haul of concept art for Namco Bandai's next big Tales of title.

The art direction is being handled by illustrator Daigo Okumura (who handled the art for Tales of Symphonia 2), and is very different from what we've come to expect from the Tales of series. But according to Producer Hideo Baba, that is exactly what the studio is going for in this new entry.

We still don't know much about the new game, except that it is slated for debut on PlayStation 3 in Japan.

You can check out the full gallery at

Looks promising. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an Xbox 360 version.


sav said...

thank god, i'm really not a fan of cell-shaded visuals like vesperia had, seems way too cheap amd last gen.

heres to hoping i enjoy the new game.

Brandon said...

really? i like cell-shading, and i thought Vesperia had really cool visuals. (in fact, i wished that SO4 had been cell-shaded so the graphics looked more like the concept art.)

either way, they haven't yet said whether or not this new title will be cell-shaded or not, just that it's going for a more mature art direction. it's hard to tell what that means before we see some actual screens.

but i agree that non-cell-shaded games tend to have a more mass appeal, unfortunate as that is. :(